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You never know what's around the corner or what life will throw at you next.
That's why planning ahead is so important.

Life cover pays your family a lump sum if you pass away, giving them an income when they need it most. They can use this as they want, to pay bills, loans or whatever matters most.
Most importantly life cover gives you peace of mind that your family will be secure financially when you are gone.

Typically a premium is paid monthly.

For example, you might take out a policy on your own life for €100,000 over 10 years.
This means if you pass away within the 10 year term, the policy pays out €100,000.

If you survive to the end of the term of the policy, no benefit is paid out and the policy ends. compare different quotes from 7 different life insurance companies to make sure you get the best deal available to you in the Irish market.

For your peace of mind we can assure you that:

  • Your application will be dealt with by a friendly member of our experienced adviser team
  • All of our advisers have attained full Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) Status
  • We will always advise you on what policy is most suitable for your needs 
  • We are happy to give you advice whether or not you need us to arrange a policy for you
  • We will NEVER advise you to cancel your current policy if it is not in your best interest 

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